Sunday, April 15, 2012

1st year Dental Hygiene School...

IS ALMOST OVER.... :) I can't believe I'm almost half way done with dental hygiene school. Just a few more weeks of projects, quizzes and finals and its summer time! I really have been enjoying it so much. Especially the amazing friends I have made and the people that I have met. I have LOVED treating patients and have had so much support from my family. I have had such neat experiences helping the community and those in need with their oral health and hygiene. I especially love teaching children and helping make a difference in their lives.

Here are some pics of what I've been doing the past few months :)

I'm so happy I decided to do this...I know its what I am meant to do because I really enjoy it. I get such satisfaction and joy out of "cleaning teeth" helping people improve their health, prevent disease and decay, and live fuller lives. I love the relationships I am able to develop with my patients really is a rewarding career.


  1. Cutest dental hygienest ever.what an amazing thing you have done for those kids.i can't believe you are almost half way go girl.can't wait to enjoy summer with you next month xo

  2. Your enthusiasm makes me smile Lauris! I would choose my dentist just to have you work on my teeth! What a great use of your talents! Super Congrats!!!

  3. I knew you would love this and everyone would love you. I actually only went to the dentist that I had because I like the hygentist. When it changed it was terrible because she wasn't good at all. I need you here Lauria, I agree with Amber I would go anywhere just to have you work on my teeth. You would laugh here, there is always a brown out so when that happends the dentist office has to close, even if he is in the middle of a job you are done for who knows when the power comes back on. Love you so much your smile is the BEST
    Love you so much Grandpa and Grandma