Sunday, January 31, 2010


Is what I have been doing EVERYDAY for the past 7 weeks
with this AMAZING man...
Every single day has been an adventure and the new best day of my life!!! I love spending time with Grafton more than anything!! He brings such great JOY into my life!!

Temple Lights!
Christmas Festivities
Last Date of the year...Tandem Bike ride in Scottsdale! Incredible weather, Beautiful scenery, amazing company. I love the fun planner he is...He makes life so much fun!
New years Eve! We hung out with the Fam for a while, playing the candy bar game, dancing, and pretending like it was midnight! Then Graf and I went to Mill Ave in down town Tempe for the big block party they had going on. We met up with his Bro Stu and wife Angie! They are the cutest couple and we always have a blast with them!! Fun filled evening of music, dancing, fireworks, love, confetti, and Celebrating the new adventure of a new year! 2010 is going to be a GREAT one :)
We decided to go up to Flagstaff to visit G's friend Jake Porter who was baptizing someone that weekend. We all jumped in Graf's Jeep, blasted the music, had amazing conversations, and headed to Flag. It was such a fun getaway! Again, with amazing company! Before going to the baptism, we took a day trip to Sedona and hiked to Devil's Bridge! It was absolutely beautiful!
G-"SO, its your last weekend of break, lets do something really fun!"
Me-Okay!! (I'm ALWAYS up for that)
G-"Perfect, lets go to Disneyland!!!"
Oh, how I love his Spontaneity! So in two days we decided to go to Disneyland and have the most magical, happiest, time of our lives!!! Really, I loved every second of it! Including the car ride! Who wouldn't have the time of their life in the happiest place on earth with the happiest people on earth! So many amazing memories, laughter, smiles, and celebration!
Now it is back to reality, with a crazy school schedule...BUT somehow we don't seem to skip a beat. We still have so much fun every single day!!

I have enjoyed watching him play flag football for the city league! They just won the championship!! All I have to say is Grafton is a STUD!! I love watching him :)
We have been doing fun little things with the family, bowling, Monster Truck Jam, playing in the irrigation after big rain storms, Q.T. (quality time), trying to focus on homework-HA, and loving every second of life!!
This much joy, fun, love, and pure happiness shouldn't be allowed for one little girl!! I am the luckiest girl in the world!!! I have had the most amazing times of my life with Grafton Milne. I never could have imagined life could get THIS much better! I am so incredibly blessed! I can't wait for each new day of adventure with him. Times like these are what life is all about... :) :)