Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Miracles Happen!

So, as you may know I applied for Dental Hygiene School in January. I worked so hard on the pre-requisite classes to get A's in all of my classes at ASU, and MCC. Because I have known since I decided this is what I wanted to do that it was VERY competitive and that I would have perfect grades and have the experience in dental, and receive good letters of recommendation to get in. SO many people apply and only 20 students get in every year. After accomplishing all that I needed to just about ensure I would be accepted. I found out that they just changed the placement process and if you had the minimum requirements you would get put into a "pool" and the computer pretty much RANDOMLY does the placement!?! What sense does that make?!
I wanted to get into school so bad that I applied to MCC, Rio Salado, and Phoenix college. My preference was MCC but I'd take anything! When they did the placement in the spring, I didn't get lucky...I was devastated. I didn't get in to MCC or Phoenix college which both start this fall, but there was one more chance that I could get into Rio Salado which starts in February but would finish at the same time. I tried not to get my hopes up, but the placement team told me that I had a very good chance of getting placed at Rio, since my number was going up on the list due to the fact that I hadn't been placed yet. A couple months later I got an email saying that Rio Salado was not going to accept any students this year because they were changing campuses so the next class would start in 2013!!! Once again devastated. I was thankful for the support of my family and friends who kept reminding me that the Lord must have a different plan for me, and that we don't always know the reason for things. Just have faith and everything will work out. So, I learned a lot of faith and patience these last couple months (which must have been a lesson I really needed). I called and talked to many advisors and directors of the school and asked if there was any possible way I would get placed if someone were to drop out. They told me no, since there was too many people ahead of me on the list...And they told me to just plan on next year, or 2013. I settled for this and made different plans for my life until I would get placed.

Monday I was at work and started my lunch break, I had a missed call and voice mail that I had just missed by five minutes. I listened to it in shock! It was a man from MCC's dental hygiene program that said that he was trying to fill a spot in the dental hygiene program starting in TWO WEEKS!! He continued saying that he was calling a couple people and whoever would respond first he would take....I was so thankful that I had barely missed the call. I hurried and called him back, got all the details, made sure Grafton was okay with it (of course he supported it 100%, just had to make sure since it will affect us both the next two years :) ) and I ACCEPTED!!! I seriously could not believe it!!...actually still can't. All of a sudden everything changes and I will be starting school in less than two weeks. I have been getting prepared, had to tell my jobs that I only have 2 weeks left, been buying the essentials, and getting medical stuff taken care of. I am so excited, and feel so blessed. It really is amazing how everything works out, even if its not exactly in the way that you wish it to.
Dental Hygiene School here I come!!!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Camping Getaway

G and I decided to get out of the heat (115 degrees is killin me!) and spend the night in woods :) We had so much fun getting away and camping out. I haven't done much camping in my life, so I thought it would be a fun adventure.

We packed up the car and took off. It was a beautiful drive and took only about an hour and a half.
We searched for a quiet, private camping ground so that we could just be together and enjoy the peaceful woods. While Grafton gathered wood for the fire, I helped set up chairs and our sleeping bags. I was pretty proud of our camp!

G started a big fire and we sat and talked and enjoyed it for the rest of the night. We brought our tin foil dinners with ground turkey and veggies. I know it looks gross, but it was delicious. We also made S'mores of course...thats what camping is all about right?!

We had a couple neighbors that wandered through the woods (COWS!) I thought it was hilarious. I guess I just always picture squirrels, bears, bobcats, and deer when I think of animals out in the woods...but we saw probably about 15 cows wandering around.

There is something so peaceful and relaxing about a campfire. I loved just sittin around it with my love, just talking and telling stories. We fell asleep in the tent watching the stars. It was incredible.
It was breathtaking how beautiful it was up there. I couldn't stop taking pictures. I loved being out in nature, and getting away from all distractions to just be together. It was very refreshing.
I would definitely do it again. We really had a great time. Perfect little get-a-way. I sure love that I get to do everything with my Hubby :) He makes everything so much fun.