Saturday, November 12, 2011


This weekend we took a little trip to Las Vegas for G's Half Iron Man Triathlon in Lake Mead.
G has done a couple triathlons (a sprint and an olympic length) and a couple months ago he made the goal and signed up for an Iron man triathlon in May!! (He's amazing!) He has been training so hard these past couple months, which keeps him busy while I am in school at night. He is so dedicated, I could not be more proud. So this weekend he did the 1/2 iron man to help with his training. Which is a huge accomplishment.

Half Iron Man= 1.2 mile swim--56 mile bike ride--13.1 mile run

Seriously, I can't even imagine doing all of that. I was tired just waiting for him! ha (And that is only half of what he is doing in May! He's my hero.)
I spent the day studying on the sidelines, cheering people on, and waiting to see G (every couple hours). While cheering people on, an old man passed me saying "There is a place in heaven for you!" I thought that was pretty funny. 

 I really love him. :)
 Getting all set up!
 It was 46 degrees when they started the swim!! ah. I was freezing... good thing the water was warmer.  

 Now on to the bike...see ya in 3 hours! no big deal. haha
 At the FINISH LINE!!!!! 6 hours and 39 minutes! Finishing 18th overall and 1st in his age group (okay, he may have been the only one in the age group, but who needs to know that ;))
It was one of the hardest courses there is, really hilly and really windy! I was so proud of him for sticking with it...seriously, that is endurance!! He finished feeling great too. I'm a proud wife!
 It really was a breath taking view! The 56 mile bike ride was pretty lonely, at least he had a great view. 
Of course we did some sight seeing. as we were there, and visited the beautiful Las Vegas LDS Temple. It is a very unique looking temple, I loved it. And of course, the temple grounds are always so beautiful and peaceful. I loved walking around it and enjoying the spirit felt. 
After the race, we spent the night in the city. We enjoyed the sight seeing, had a great dinner and went to the Beatles LOVE Cirque Du Soleil...It was absolutely incredible!! Words can't even describe it. Blows my mind the things these people could do, and of course great music!

Great get-a-way with my hubster :) I sure love being with him. I'm so proud of his accomplishment...he motivates and inspires me. Loved being there the support him, and have a fun little vacation.