Saturday, September 17, 2011

21! Booyah.

September 13th:

I had a wonderful 21st birthday!! I felt so loved and spoiled. Hubby knows that I don't like waking up to my alarm so he told me that he would wake me up in the morning. So he started my day off waking me up and said that my birthday breakfast was ready for me... I was the most excited that I got to eat with him! He is always gone to work by the time I wake up so that was such a treat. He made pancakes and eggs (which he is VERY good at) and decorated the table and house so fun.

(he did pretty good huh?!)

This made me laugh!! People say the only cool part about turning 21 is that that you can legally drink...nothin better than Root Beer!

While we were eating I was looking at the cards and presents on the table and there was an envelope with my name written in cursive all cutesy on the front. G said, "I don't know who that is from, it was just on the door step." I thought that was kind of weird but totally believed it. After breakfast as I was opening up my presents he said why don't you open this too. I laughed so hard when I opened it and it was a letter from Taylor Swift...

My sweet hubby surprised me with a ticket to the Taylor Swift concert a month ago to go with my sister-in-laws as an early birthday present. I am SOOO excited to go, I have been listening to her songs like crazy lately!!-- I bet not very many people can say that she wrote them a birthday card! ;) haha. He's so clever...I love it!

A few of the presents I was given: G also gave me some new work out clothes, a new rug for our home, men's basketball shorts (So I don't steal his anymore! ha...still can't promise anything) and money to buy whatever I wanted :) Which I spent on more cute decorations for our home, had so much fun picking out with my Mom this weekend!!! My mom painted an adorable shelf for my house. (I'll post pics of that and all the new decor soon). Sis made me a bunch of cute headbands and accessories and I have already worn most of them the past couple days. Movie tickets from Jakester, and money from both my grandparents and parents. I really got spoiled.

For lunch I went to Chipotle with my fam and Nana and Grandpa brought a cookies and creme ice cream cake and I got to blow out all these candles in the restaurant. I

I got so many sweet birthday messages, texts, cards, and calls. I really felt so loved... I am a lucky girl :) I loved this picture my cute sis in law sent me of my newest niece.
After lunch I went to school, and my sweet classmates gave me a card, some balloons, and cupcakes for everyone. I love the girls I get to go to school with, they are so great. We are going to have a great 2 years together.

I got out of class at 7 and got to enjoy an amazing dinner at Temari's (my FAVORITE sushi restaurant) with my love! Nothing better than sushi with my favorite person in the world. We had so much fun.

Both my families had fun sunday birthday dinners on either end of the celebrating all week :) I am so blessed to have two amazing families!! They are so good to me.

It feels good to be 21 :) Thank you to everyone who made my day/week so special!!