Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back to school...and a little fun :)

I had a blast last week having sis here. It felt like she had never left. We just played, crafted, laughed, ate, sang, danced, decorated and much more all week long. I loved having her attached to my hip at all times :) I wish she didn't have to go back home. Having a sister is the best thing in the world!!! :) You can read more about our fun week on her blog:

Unfortunately it had to come to an end, and I started school this week...I was excited to start again but also not quite sure I was ready for the stress, busy schedule, life of studying and craziness. But it's here! This week was preeetty crazy and overwhelming. We are in for a busy semester. I am going to start seeing patients in about a week!! I have my first couple set up already, but if any of you want to help and come in for a few hours and let me give you great hygiene services (and teeth cleaning) let me know. SERIOUSLY pleeeeeaaase. I would love it :)

We have had a great weekend so far:

On Friday (which is my day off of school) I went on a hike with some friends from school. It was 5 miles and great exercise! We had a lot of fun. I sure love having such good friends at school, it makes the program much more enjoyable :)


Then Friday night Gster and I went out for Spinatos Pizza (our favorite!). Then spent the night with Jake. Since my parents are out of town we were lucky to have him stay with us for the weekend and even though he's the busiest kid in the world, he squeezed in some time for his favorite sister and brother in law :)

Saturday night we had a fun date night planned :) We headed out to Glendale and got American food from In-N-Out, and went to the USA vs Venezuela soccer game. I've never been to a real soccer game before and I loved it. It was fun getting dressed in our red white and blue and cheering U-S-A, U-S-A!!

I was getting pretty disappointed when by 90 minutes both teams hadn't scored a single point!! Then they had four minutes of stoppage time and in the last minute of the game USA scored a goal! The crowd went wild!! It was a fun thing to do. We loved our fun date and doing something different than the norm.

 We loved looking at all the people dressed in flag capes, Captain America costumes, and all sorts of festive clothes. I love the American pride!!

Here's to my second semester of school...It's going to be a good one! Wish me luck :)


  1. You are so darling! I wish you could clean my teeth! I love all the things you did with your house!! You are AMAZING!! Good luck this semester and have FUN!! I love you

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